Thursday, September 25, 2014

Girl's Night Clutch

Back in June, I attended Blog Brunch DC, hosted by Rebecca of A Daily Something and Joy of Mornings Like These at the Alexandria studio space of Sweet Root Village.  At the brunch, a few of us decided to arrange a ladies night at Finch Sewing Studio.  Our schedules through the summer were so packed that the soonest we could get together would be in September.  

So finally!  Our ladies night had arrived.  We would be making a clutch bag using two fabrics.  Some of the girls are not experienced at sewing, and Nicole assured them that yes, even they would be coming away with a finished clutch by the end of the night.

I arrived early and prepped my wine glass with a piece of scrap yarn.  Because this is how we do in a sewing/knitting studio.

The hardest part was probably choosing our fabric!  With so many gorgeous options, it was hard to narrow it down.

The photos stopped somewhere after my second glass of wine, and so my written summary of the evening is as follows: we ate, we drank, we laughed, we messed up, we fixed our errors, we planned another ladies night, we dreamed up all of the other things we could make, we ate more, we drank more, we finished our clutches and we ended the evening delighted over how wonderful our projects turned out.

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