Thursday, April 2, 2015

New Classes at Finch: Moneta Dress and Garment 101 Featuring the Scout Tee and Sailor Top

I'm so excited to announce my first sewing classes at Finch Sewing Studio! I've previously taught knitting classes, but now that the weather is warming up, interest in knitting tends to wane. (Although don't rule out summer knitting - linen yarn is lightweight and perfect for warm weather knitting. Finch has several linen knit classes lined up, so check them out: Hudson Cowl; Strathcona Linen Scarf)

I'll be teaching two garment classes for beginners: The knit Moneta Dress by Colette Patterns, and the Garment 101: Woven Top class, featuring Grainline Studio's Scout Tee, and Fancy Tiger Crafts' Sailor Top.

Sailor Top

Garment 101 is a great class for those who have never sewn a garment before in their life. In one four-hour class, you will learn how to measure yourself, trace and cut a pattern, and all the fun that goes into garment sewing: cutting fabric, sewing curves, attaching sleeves, and hemming. By the end of the class you'll be strutting out the door with an adorable top. You choose the pattern you want to make: The Scout Tee is a basic woven short-sleeved tee-shirt, and the Sailor Top is a very adorable blouse with a bit of gathering detail around the neckline.

With either of the tops, I recommend a lightweight fabric with a bit of drape to it. Personally, I am a lover of voile, especially for spring and summer. Voile can, however, be on the more sheer side, especially if you choose lighter colors, so be aware of that when picking out your fabric (I tend to layer my voile Sailor top over a silky camisole). I think a double gauze would also work beautifully for both the Scout Tee and the Sailor Top. Of course, you can always choose any cotton fabric for these tops for a little more added structure.

The Moneta Dress class is also great for beginners. With only a few pattern pieces, it's a great introduction to sewing garments. For those who have sewn garments with wovens but have not ventured into the world of sewing with knits, the Moneta Dress is a perfect way to get started. The class is split up into two sessions, and by the end of the second one, you should be leaving with a finished dress. Knits are so comfortable to wear, and you'll be amazed at how impressed people will be when you tell them that you made your dress!

Sewing with knits can be intimidating to beginner sewists, and that's why a class environment is the perfect place to learn. If you only sew with wovens, you may want to step out of your comfort zone while having an instructor (me!) by your side to help and answer questions. I'll be going over tips on sewing with knits, the best stitches to use for stretchy material, and how to effectively hem a knit garment. After this class, you'll be addicted to sewing with knits!

Visit Finch Sewing Studio to sign up in person, or register online: Garment 101 / Moneta Dress

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To get inspired, here are a few shots of me wearing my Moneta dresses:

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