Monday, February 16, 2015

Tilly and the Buttons Coco Dress

How often does it happen to you that you see a garment pattern and feel ambivalent about it, until you see it on someone and immediately you change your mind?

The Coco Dress was one of those patterns.  Not that I didn't like the look of it - I thought it was adorable - but I didn't think it would work well on me.  Until I saw it on Lisa at the Finch Makers Retreat.  The fabric she used (Gust of Leaves in silver from April Rhodes' Wanderer collection) and the way she styled it was perfect.  So I copied her.  Obviously I'll have to coordinate with Lisa whenever I wear it to Finch events, but it's a small price to pay for a versatile, comfy dress.

It's kind of similar to the Moneta Dress in both look and construction, however the Coco has a less defined waist.  This is part of the reason why I didn't think it would work on me, however when Lisa styled hers with a belt, it was a duh moment for me.

The construction was simple, and Tilly's pattern was easy to follow.  The dress came together quickly the other evening after I had spent the night before tracing and cutting.  When I traced the pattern, I used the slice and spread method to add two inches to the length of the dress.  The original length would have been fine as a tunic but way too short for a dress, at least for a 31-year-old.  (Keep in mind though, I'm 5'10", so for a lot of you reading this, the pattern as it is will probably be perfect no matter what your age.)

The only other part that I changed was making the 3/4 sleeves a little shorter so that they are half sleeves.  I've come to learn that 3/4 sleeves are not flattering for me, but half sleeves are.  Funny how just that little alteration can really change the way a top looks.

As you can see in my awkward pictures below where I pretend that I know how to pose like those fashion bloggers do, I styled my dress with jeggings and boots, a belt, and a cardigan.  As it gets warmer this spring, I'll be able to wear it with sandals for a totally different look.  Also I apologize for my ratty looking hair.  It gets cut tomorrow!

Version: Dress
Size: 5 (oh sweet baby Ray's, this doesn't mean I'm an actual size 5 - it's just the 5th size on the chart)
Alterations: Shortened sleeves from 3/4 to half sleeve; lengthened (slice and spread) dress by two inches.
Photos of me by Beryl Young; Photos of the coffee shop by me

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