Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sip + Sew at Stone Tower Winery

What's more fun than sewing?

Sewing while drinking wine, of course.

Although I am more of a whiskey drinker, I do enjoy a glass of white, especially on warm summer evenings.  Even better if I'm surrounded by 20 or so crafty women in a gorgeous barn-style wine tasting room with a wide open view of rolling hills and an impending sunset.  Behold, for I present to you Stone Tower Winery:

I love Virginia.

Anyway, last night was Finch's monthly Sip + Sew event.  Take a local establishment, toss in a bit of socializing and top off with a dash of sewing and you've got Sip and Sew.  Last night, we made waxed canvas dopp kits given that Father's Day is only a few weeks away.  I gave mine to my husband as a "Not-a-Father's Day" gift.

Sewing with waxed canvas was easier than I thought.  I had this impression that it would be thick and difficult to work with, but it wasn't any different.  I'm looking forward to using it again when I eventually make the Cooper Bag this fall.

You're either going to love or loathe the fact that I brought my camera and took heaps of photos.  Enjoy!

EEEEE Cotton + Steel fat quarters!  And guess who won one of them?  ;)

I apologize to those of you reading this (is anyone reading this?) who don't live in Virginia; we are not only blessed with countless vineyards, but also incredible landscapes to feast our eyes on while our tongues indulge in a glass of what Galileo called "sunlight held together by water."


  1. I loved seeing all of these pictures. It was sort of a magical evening. If you truly are a whiskey drinker, I hope you're signed up the the July Sip and Sew at the local distillery!

    1. I'll be there with bells on, as my mom always says!