Monday, June 9, 2014

Everyday Skirt • Featuring April Rhodes' Arizona

I have to assume that at some point, after I make a certain pattern a few times, I won't need to post text with the photos because there won't be much to say about it.

The Everyday Skirt is probably going to be the first of those patterns.  It's what I'm calling my summer staple this year, and I have only two but plan to make loads.  Comfortable enough to throw on with a tank top and be good for the day, but also cute enough to be worn out to dinner with sandals and a cute necklace.

But for now, I'll say a few more things about the making of this skirt.  First, I still maintain that it's super easy and quick.  Since I like to cut my fabric in batches (I have several garments to sew up that are already cut and ready for me), the Everyday Skirt can be sewn together in a morning.  It's as close to instant gratification that you can get in garment sewing, I think.

Secondly, I decided to shorten it a bit from the original pattern, and it's still plenty long enough.  Excellent.

The last thing to say is that I adore this Clay Sundot fabric from April Rhodes' Arizona collection.  I stocked up on some yardage from this collection to sew a few things.

On to my awkward model photos in which my skirt is actually crooked:

Pattern: Everday Skirt by Liesl + Co
Fabric: Clay Sundot from April Rhodes' Arizona collection
Size: Medium
Alterations: Shortened the hemline a bit


  1. I'm making one of these tomorrow! After seeing yours at the last Finch Sip & Sew, I just have to make one. It is fun to see your second one. Good luck with your others.

  2. Oh yay! Which fabric did you choose for yours? I want to keep making them because they are so easy and so comfy!