Thursday, August 4, 2011

house tour

Sometimes I forget how wonderful the Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens really is for being as inexpensive as it is.  I got it a few years ago and used it that night to shoot photos of the Jack's Mannequin concert I was on my way to.  I couldn't believe how well it shot in low light!

Today I decided to pull that lens out, given that it's not used very often, and take pictures around my house; mainly in the kitchen where I've been working on a few DIY projects.  So without further ado,  I give you a tour of my house (or really my kitchen with a few other pictures thrown in for good measure) as seen through the eyes of the "plastic fantastic*".

*I kind of dislike that nickname, but oh well.

I finally got around to arranging the kitchen shelves in a way I find visually pleasing, at least for now.

Does anyone else enjoy cookbooks as much as I do?  Aren't they so inspiring to look through?  They make me want to cook up every recipe I come across.

I painted this bowl a few years ago, and I think it looked a lot more impressive as just a pencil outline.  The continents lost a lot of their coastal detail once I started to paint.  And to top it off, I forgot to paint Sri Lanka!  I still love my world fruit bowl though.  (It's usually not this lacking in fruit.  In fact, it's almost always loaded with produce.)

The colorful placemats and napkins came from my mom (via Target) for one of my bridal shower gifts.  I love the burst of color they give to our white-walled kitchen (one word: renting).

My newest cookware acquisition.  I seriously can't wait to cook up pasta sauces in this sucker.

 Our Scentsy plug-in warmer and awesome knives.

A few gratuitous pictures of the shade I DIYed for the kitchen window.  Also, forgive me if DIY isn't a verb in your house.  I'm pretty sure it's made it to that point by now for most people, though.

Alyssa gave me the aloe plant there on the sil.  It's a little limp right now, so it's propped up.  I have a knack for killing plants, so I'm really trying to keep this one alive.

Oh, Pinterest.  Have you heard of it?  I'm addicted to it, as is everyone else I know who has used it.  Pinterest is where I first saw these zinc letters (from Anthro, of course), and Pinterest is also where I found the tutorial to make them myself at a fraction of the cost.

Another shower gift: latte bowls from Anthropologie.  We received two sets and decided to keep both.  They are a great size and look super cute in photos.

Hey, look!  It's the window shade again!

The colorful cabinet.

A Ribba-framed graphic I made when we first moved to Virginia (right), and an ode to my former home-city.

Another DIY project I worked on this morning.  I picked these two frames up from Ikea and didn't know what to put in them at the time.  The print on the left is something I just whipped up today to incorporate navy blue into our bedroom color scheme (coastal seaglass kinda theme).  On the right I used a piece of cardstock leftover from my bridal shower (the girls had the guests write marriage advice to us on stamped cardstock and I still have the blank cards).  After the wedding I had snipped a few blooms from my bouquet in order to frame them (a Martha Stewart project, obviously).  The bigger blooms didn't take too well, but the hydrangea petals came out perfectly.  I arranged them, put a dab of Elmer's on the back of each, let it dry for about ten minutes and popped it in the frame.  Two easy ways to bring some color to our room!

An unmade bed.  And do you see that big, blank, white wall above it?  That's my next project.

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