Thursday, August 4, 2011

just a fine and fancy ramble to the zoo

A few weeks ago I drove up to New Jersey for a training session with my brother (more on that later) and I went to the Philadelphia Zoo with him and his girlfriend, Melissa.


A little nuzzly lion bonding.

Ronnie Bruce in action.

Somehow I got to swap my brother my Sigma 17-70 lens for his behemoth of a lens, the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L.

This lens rocks.

I took this photo to reminisce over the time that Alyssa and I took my cousins to the zoo, and my younger cousin climbed into the giraffe area.  Right through those rails in the lower left of the picture.  And she says to us "Hey guys, look!"  Who trusted us to take a 5 year old to the zoo?

It's about to get a little bit graphic here.

Yes, it's a giraffe... peeing.
It's nature, you guys.

Look at the cutie zebras!  I love zebras.

This guy was so funny.  He tried to get into the orangutan play area, but since they share it with another primate (I can't remember which), and couldn't be in there at the same time, he turned away, dejected.  He grabbed his little He-Man/BattleBot/Power Ranger (whatever) sheet and walked away, feeling (and certainly looking) homeless.

Gravity-defying penguin.

I leave you with a picture of Mufasa taking a snooze deep in the savannah of Philadelphia.

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  1. Hi, Saw your comment on my blog about the camera bag. Thanks for the interest. I was going to do a tutorial on it and then I decided I would rather play with my kids. But basically I just measured how big I wanted the bag and then cut out rectangles and sewed them together with a strap. I put cardboard on the bottom in between the 2 layers of fabric and batting on the sides and in the divider. Hope that helps.