Friday, September 9, 2011

Well it would seem that summer is over.  It's been awhile since I've felt temperatures in the 90's, which is something that surprised me when I moved to Virginia.  I had high hopes that summer weather would last well into September, but lately it's been dreary and mild.
Not that that's a bad thing.  While I was so reluctant to let go of summer, yesterday I decided (with nary an 85°+ day in sight) to embrace the upcoming fall season.  I decorated my living room and kitchen (photos to come later) and started on some fall crafts.

But since it is still technically summer, here are some summer flower macro photos I shot a few weeks ago.

 Ooohh, that creamy background.

Small, smaller, smallest.

My favorite of the bunch.

The colors are so vibrant.

Nothing says 'photographer' like laying on the wet ground at 7:00 in the morning trying to shoot dewdrops.

 A bug's eye view.

 A little sparkle.

Such a teeny, tiny depth of field.

A hydrangea puff.  What's not to love?

This flower needs to be tucked behind my ear.

It's just begging to be picked.

Sometimes the background is more interesting than the foreground.  Look at that beautiful bokeh.

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  1. i will never forget you calling down the hall to me to see if i was watching the tv. such a crazy time, even from little VT.