Thursday, August 4, 2011

After taking far too long to make plans to do so, Jon and I drove up to Baltimore to visit my maid of honor Alyssa.  It's not like it's a far drive, but work and chores have always been in the way.

As soon as we arrived, Alyssa took us to the Baltimore Farmer's Market.

Tomatoes everywhere and I had no problem with that.

Alyss buying tomatoes.

Finding a perfect tomato is the highlight of summer.  Just a little drizzle of olive oil and shake of pepper (and if it's a really good tomato, you don't even need that!)

Look at these beauties.

Giant blackberries!

It may have only been 10:30 or so, but when my eyes see food that my stomach wants, my brain says go and my hands make it happen.  Two of the best chicken tacos I've ever had.


Have you ever seen a yellow watermelon?  Neither had we.

My inner child insisted I pick up a hula hoop and start hooping.  I obliged.

For a little history lesson, we visited Fort McHenry, the site of the United States' victory over the British Navy, and the site of the Star Spangled Banner.  Apparently Francis Scott Key was chilling aboard a British ship before the attack (not being a traitor, but actually quite the opposite: he was trying to negotiate the release of some American prisoners), and wrote the song on his way back to Baltimore when he'd seen the American flag still proudly flying.

Alyssa and her beau, Gus.

Everyone associates Maryland blue crabs with Maryland (and I wonder why?), but really most of us from the coastal Mid-Atlantic have an affinity for them.  Alyssa and I grew up in South Jersey and picking crabs was very much a part of summer.  It wasn't summer unless you picked crabs covered in Old Bay on a brown kraft paper covered table...

...with a delicious adult beverage.

Crab-topped guacamole?  Yes, please.

Hello, old chap.


Hot day + sprinklers = the photo below.

Nothing feels better on a hot day than standing in the way of a cool sprinkler.

Alyssa's dog Lola in the shadows.

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  1. I am going to copy that art you made. Great photos too.