Monday, October 20, 2014

Holiday Knitting

Winter Warmer Ear Warmer
I think this is the first year that I really feel that I am on the ball when it comes to holiday knitting.  I started this summer and have already knit several gifts for people, and have even had time to make myself a few items.

Knitting doesn't seem to come naturally during the warmer months, but now that October is here and the leaves are changing and nights are getting colder, the season and knitting just go hand in hand.  I want to knit ALL the things.  But realistically, how many mittens do I need?  I've only got one head, so I certainly don't need more hats.  And while cowls are easy to change up day to day, I've really only got so much room to store them, so I think my self-knitting needs to cool it for now.

But the thing is I just love knitting.  It's so nice to plop on the couch after a long day of working and just get into a pattern.  I love shopping for the perfect color of yarn.  I love the feeling of finishing a project and admiring it.  Making something beautiful and useful out of what was previously just a ball of yarn.

So, my dear friends, help me help you.  Help ME help YOU.  I want to knit for you.  Everyone knows handmade items are way better than some cheap 'made in China' item that your recipient could have easily bought themselves.  Most people I know love items that are unique.  One of a kind.

Need some ideas?  I think your mom wants a pair of boot cuffs.  Your best friend could probably use a nice cuddly cowl.  And your pregnant sister would probably squeal over a tiny little baby hat.

Vivionne Bay Hat
I'll be posting some items in my Etsy shop in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, I'll be listing below some of the items you will be able to order.  Prices will vary based on the yarn I use (if you know yarn, just think Madelinetosh vs Quince and Co - both very lovely, but certainly at different price points), but know that I will only be knitting with quality yarn made of natural fibers.  I do not knit with acrylic yarns.

So let's do this!  Email me with any questions or requests.  If you comment below, I will try my best to respond, but email will be the best option.  Please note that two specific patterns, the heart hat and the one-skein boot toppers, will not be available for sale as I am currently teaching both of those classes at Finch.  If you'd like to learn how to make either of those, please come out and join us!

Merry and Bright Ear Warmer

Everything is made to order unless otherwise stated.

Ear Warmers
Merry and Bright: $20 adult
Winter Warmer: $18 adult // $14 child 1 available!

Vivionne Bay Hat: $18 child 1 available! // *will not be making anymore*
Squishy Baby Hat: $20 baby
Autumn Hat: $37 adult // $25 child
Vermonter Hat: $35 adult

Boot Cuffs
Andover Boot Cuffs: $20 adult

Cowls/Infinity Scarves
Gap-tastic Cowl: $50 adult
Snow Day Cowl: $50 adult

More photos to come!

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