Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Picture the Holidays 2012: Days 1 & 2

Even though Tracey Clark is not doing Picture the Holidays this year, I enjoyed it so much last December that I thought I would do it again.  I'm challenging myself to use the same prompts, but find a different take on them than I did before.  Feel free to follow along!

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Dec 1: Holding on to gratitude

Holding on to gratitude: I'm so, so, so grateful that in 2012, Ronnie and I took our business to the next level.  The legitimate business level.  Our business, Love Knot Photo, is officially registered in both New Jersey and Virginia, we've got our tax ID numbers, and the website is looking swell.  When I was working at my old job as a meteorologist, I'd sit at my desk and dream of the day that I could work from home as a photographer.  Never thought it would actually happen.  Even just two years ago when we moved to Virginia, I had no job lined up and no idea what the future would bring.  I'm grateful that we've finally gotten to this point with our photography business, and even more so, that it's given my brother and I something to connect over.

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Dec 2: Reframing the season
Reframing the season: Not much to say about this one - I just really like this empty frame with glittery letters hanging inside.

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