Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Buzz, your girlfriend... woof!

I'm so in love with these cards by a fellow Virginian, Deirdre at Lennah Press.  

I spotted them in her booth at Baltimore's Artscape this summer, and because I love a well-placed movie quote (props for being a Christmas movie, at that), I had to buy them from her Etsy shop just before Thanksgiving.  And I mean, they're letterpress.  Who doesn't love letterpress?

Anyway, I loved them so much that when my friend Alyssa sent me the same card a few months ago, I saved it and used it as decoration for Christmastime.  

So, to recap:
1) Letterpress
2) Home Alone movie quote

She's still got more in stock!  I just spotted the "Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal" pack that I might need to get for next Christmas.

Related: I've got a Christmas decor post planned for this week.  Scope out the many Pinterest ideas I put to use in my house.

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