Monday, December 13, 2010


Every so often, I get emails from family or friends with questions about what camera lens they should purchase for their dSLR.  I'm always happy to help, but unfortunately I can't always get back to them right away.  That's where LensHero.com comes in.

LensHero.com is a new site whose goal is to help DSLR owners easily find their next lens.  Not that I have money to spend on another lens right now ('tis the season, and all that jazz), but for kicks let's assume I do.  I've entered the name of my camera body and set my budget on the slider bar.

Users have the option of searching by lens style (macro, wide angle, and so on), by entering their current lenses and having LensHero.com suggest a lens for them (as seen above), or by visually selecting the desired zoom range using sliders and a sample picture (below).

For my example, I went ahead and selected "fisheye" under the style tab and clicked GO.  The next page brought up a list of all of the lenses that matched my selections.  You can see a picture of the lens along with a list of basic specs and an approximate price.  Clicking on the name of the lens gives you even more information as well as a comparison to similar lenses, and a link to purchase.  Not happy with your results?  You can also adjust your requirements in the sidebar on the left.

Clicking around the site, I also saw options to browse lenses by brand, camera, lens mount, and style.

I give LensHero.com two enthusiastic thumbs up!  Who couldn't use a little direction when searching for a new lens?  There are so many options available and it can be overwhelming, especially for someone searching for their very first lens to buy.  I still recommend doing a little research after getting your LensHero.com suggestions; nothing beats actually getting your hands on a lens and taking a few test shots.  But to get you to that point, LensHero.com really does the trick.

Visit them at -what else?- http://lenshero.com.

Disclaimer:  A little good news/bad news situation going on here.  Bad news: I didn't decide to write this review on my own accord.  My brother recommended I check out LensHero.com and upon doing so, I was presented with a notification that because they are a new site, they would be giving away prizes to some of the bloggers who choose to review the site.  Good news: Everything I wrote was completely honest here, and whether I get a prize out of it or not, I will be using LensHero.com when it comes time to buy another lens.

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