Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I've been experimenting in Photoshop with making some really pretty, dreamy images. Pictures like this seem to be very popular, and I've really come to love the happy feeling they give off.

I love rounded corners on pictures.

I took the Dreamer picture and added some heart bokeh and a TtV frame.

I took this picture in the spring when the trees were full of blooms.  It's such a pretty picture on its own, but it takes on a dreamlike feel in this version.  This would look good with rounded corners.

And the same picture again, cropped into a TtV frame and I added some pretty bokeh hearts.

A little frame around the edge with some more bokeh.

This effect only works on certain images, in my opinion. But when done right, they can take me out of the real world and bring me into a dream world where things are colorful, bright, and happy.

I'm going to order prints of a couple of these and if they look good, I'll add them to my shop.

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