Sunday, April 12, 2015

Zinnia Skirt and Eucalypt Tank

Spring! Spring! It's sunny (sometimes) and warm(ish) and breezy (borderline gale-force) and time for skirts and tank tops (on certain days).

I'm pretty excited about my newest sewn garments: Colette Patterns' Zinnia Skirt, and Megan Neilsen's Eucalypt Tank. They're perfectly springy on their own and together. 

My husband kept complimenting me on the top, saying that I should sew more Eucalypts because they're very flattering. I agree.  I chose this floral patterned voile from Leah Duncan's Morning Walk line for my Eucalypt. It's so perfect. 

I paired the Eucalypt with my newly sewn Zinnia skirt (v. 3) which was made from a beautifully lined fabric I picked up at Finch Sewing Studio.  I cut the waistline a little bit larger on the Zinnia so that it sits a bit lower on my waist.

I wore this outfit to a lunch date with my husband this weekend, and then awkwardly posed along the W&OD bike trail while he snapped my picture.

Size: 12

Size: Medium
Adjustments: Lengthened by 2"

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  1. Hi Alicia! Lovely Eucalypt!

    I'm about to cut one out. Did you decide on the size based on your actual body measurements? I'm wondering because I'm a tad larger in the bust than the XL measurements. The pattern description says "relaxed fit". Hemmm... Do you have any thoughts on this? Thank you!