Monday, June 23, 2014

(Another) Everyday Skirt • Nani Iro

My trips to Finch have become something like this lately: Go in, see what new fabrics have arrived since I was last there, which was probably no more than two days ago.  Browse through my mental list of patterns I want to sew and try to look at fabric based on that.  Throw out mental list when I see a fabric that won't work for any of said patterns, and ask Nicole what garment I could make with this new fabric I hold in my hands and pet, yes pet, because it's so soft/silky/smooth/other adjective that probably begins with the letter S.  Realize this fabric I covet is significantly more expensive then regular cotton, and know my husband will read me the Riot Act if I come home with 3 yards of a $20/yd fabric.  He supports my hobby and all, but tends to remember more often than I that we can't pay our mortgage in sewn garments.  Decide to buy normally priced fabric with new sewing pattern, as well as enough of the expensive fabric just to whip out yet another Everyday Skirt.

So basically that is what happened here.  Only I had a gift certificate this time, and felt so joyous about buying myself some Nani Iro double gauze, especially this print with summery watercolor blobs all over it.

Oh, and my thoughts on Nani Iro?  Obsessed.


  1. I'm so jealous! I've been coveting some double gauze ever since seeing all the beautiful garments made from it during Me Made May. I usually remember I want some towards the end of the pay period when I'm broke as a joke, and then talk myself out of it!

  2. Yeah! It is expensive, which sucks because I tend to talk myself out of it, too. Except this time I had a gift card so I was like WOOHOO! That's why the Everyday Skirt is perfect - it only uses like, 1 yard and 3/4, so it's not terrible.