Sunday, May 4, 2014

Moneta Sleeveless

Second Moneta is done.  

After work Tuesday night, I spread out my Swedish tracing paper (thanks, Nicole!) and traced the pattern pieces while watching a documentary about the infamous escape from Alcatraz (nerd alert).  Wednesday morning I had some time to sit and trace the pattern pieces onto my fabric and cut them out.  Come Wednesday night, I finished working around 8:30, and Jon had to work late as well, so I brought my machine downstairs and started stitching the bodice together.  Thursday morning, Moneta #2 was complete and I was a happy girl.  

Her debut was Friday night at the Finch for Friday Night Sewcial, and little miss Moneta and I received tons of compliments.  As flattered as I am, let's be honest kids - it really has less to do with my novice sewing skills and more to do with the beautiful dress pattern Sarai and her team at Colette Patterns have created, as well as the beautiful knit fabric Nicole helped me choose.  

Again, this pattern (and finished dress) gets a standing ovation from me.  So easy to make, and thanks to the knit fabric, so damn comfortable.  This lazy girl can get on board with knit dresses, let me tell you.  I'm not kidding when I say there will be more to come.  I might have to name my future child Moneta.  Oh, who am I kidding?  I can't be trusted with a child.

Injury count: 1.  My arm had a run-in with the iron.
Broken needle count: 1.  I am down one jersey needle.

Because I spent all of my free time actually creating the dress, I didn't have much time left to actually get pictures of myself in it.  So this morning, Jon and I went up to Brunswick to get coffee before coming home to do big-kid stuff (i.e. yard work), and I tossed on my dress and grabbed my camera before we headed out the door.

Are you kidding me with this collar design?  Love!

Girl, you better WORK.  Sashay, shantay.

And a few other pictures of our morning:

Thanks to Jon for taking pictures of me. :)


  1. you look fab in it! do you have an overlocker? did you fid it hard to sew knits?? any tips?? (can you tell I struggle with knits??!!:))

  2. Alyssa- thanks, girl!

    Sophie- I think I'll make a post on that topic, mainly because this dress was my second time sewing with knits, and I want to tell other knit-beginners that it's easy and can be done without an overlock machine, so no worries about that!

  3. This is gorgeous! I have been struggling with buying this pattern as I just bought the Skater Dress a couple of months ago and they're really similar (basically identical) but every time I see it... it's just so lovely. Great fabric!