Monday, May 26, 2014

Liesl + Co Everyday Skirt

A few weeks ago when I altered the Deer and Doe Chardon skirt to best suit what my friend Alyssa was looking for, I unknowingly created something that closely resembled the Everyday Skirt by Liesl + Co.  Before I made that realization, however, I bought fabric to make myself one of those Franken-Chardons.  But because I really loved the idea of an elastic back waistband, I just went with the actual Everyday Skirt instead.

I bought this pattern Thursday night, and when my printer failed me, I ended up printing it out at the library Friday afternoon.  Friday evening, I began the cutting, taping, tracing, and cutting process at Finch for Friday Night Sewcial. And I think every single one of us there had a project we were determined to finish before we left... and thus Friday Night Sewcial didn't end until, oh, 12:30am.  But!  I left with a finished skirt which I wore on Saturday to my town's Mayfest celebration.

And not to toot my own horn, but I got so many compliments on this beautiful skirt.  Honestly though, I owe it to the fabric.  So can we just take a moment to adore this fabric?

How fun is this print?  I wear glasses, and have since I was 7 years old.  So when I saw Michael Miller's 20/20 fabric in Jewel on Amazon, I snapped it up.  It's so quirky and colorful and perfect for an Everyday Skirt and for weirdos like myself.

Front waistband

Back (elastic) waistband
Elastic waistband (in the back only) - allowed for me to eat a hot dog and chips and macarons at Mayfest, and still have room for funnel cake and wine later in the afternoon.  Strrrrreeeeeeeetch.  Stretch is good.

I was really impressed with Liesl + Co's pattern instructions.  Even though it was a PDF pattern (and I think we all have a love/hate thing with PDF patterns, am I right?), I thought it was written very well, and explanations were definitely sufficient for beginners.   Liesl Gibson, you get my thumbs up approval for this pattern.

This was a pretty quick sew: I started the pattern cutting and taping process around say, 7:30-8pm, and finished the hem at 12:30 am.  Granted, there was wine involved, and socializing, and walking around to see what the other girls were working on, but even still, 5 start to finish hours isn't bad.  And now that my pattern is traced onto Swedish tracing paper, the next time I should be able to whip this skirt out in 2-3 hours, tops.

I wanted to mention somewhere that initially, I wasn't impressed by the look of this skirt based on the product photos on the pattern site.  I'm not really sure why, but it never struck me as a skirt I had to make until I saw my friends Angela and Anna each make one.  Maybe it just seems to lend itself best to patterned fabric?  I don't know.  But now I'm obsessed and I absolutely love this skirt.  

And now, for some awkward posing on my part: 

Size: Medium (measurements were closest to size 10 - remember that this dress has an elastic wasitband and will stretch, so don't pick a size larger than your dropped waist measurements read, or else your skirt won't have anything to stretch it out and hold itself up)
Alterations: None, although I could hem it a bit shorter next time depending on the look I'm going for.


  1. Looks great on you! And that print is so happy! :)

  2. Thank you! I agree, the print is so colorful and happy and I just looooooove it!

  3. Love the skirt you have made. I am a recent follower of your blog and I am getting very inspired by what you make. (Waiting for my pregnancy to send, so I can begin on the quest myself :-)

  4. Oops sorry. not "send" but "end." My fingers just flew faster than my thoughts there...

    1. haha! Gotta send that pregnancy. Definitely make this skirt when you can!