Friday, April 12, 2013

Sugar, my forbidden lover

I'm just about finished week three in the I Quit Sugar 8 week program.  And so far... I haven't caved!

Oh, but I wanted to.  Yesterday was bad.  Baaaaad.  While most days I wouldn't have a sugar craving hit until sometime after dinner (and it was usually quelled with a cup of tea), the sugar train hit me just after lunch and didn't stop.  It dragged me for hours until I felt like I could take it no more.

So after my Thirty-One meeting (in which there were COOKIES, sweet, delicious cookies), I went straight to the grocery store.  Searching the aisles up and down for something, anything, sugar free that might stop this nasty craving.  I ended up with a 100% cacao bar (all cacao=zero sugar.  and also very bitter), rooibos tea, and a package of whole wheat English muffins.  Odd, but okay.  It worked as well as I could have expected it to.  Point is, I managed to stay strong, strong-like-bull, and avoid the ever-growing temptation of sugar that was right in front of me.  I went to bed with a headache and the hope of a new day.

Today was better, but not perfect.  Still craving sugar, but drinking tea helped.  And so did distracting myself: After work, I pulled out my ukulele and started learning some Mumford and Sons.  I also made another treat that helped quite a bit today - unsweetened coconut, run through the food processor until it becomes rather liquified.  Pour into ice cube trays and pop into the fridge.  Boom.  A healthy, sugar free but still sweet treat that almost fools me into thinking I'm eating a piece of white chocolate.

Why the sudden cravings after weeks of so few?  I'll give you a guess.  Three letters.

So here I am.  I managed to get through another day of consuming no sugar.  Week 4 begins on Monday.  By the end of next week, I'll be halfway done.

I've never looked forward to eating fruit again so much as I am right now.

Peace, love, and hormone-induced cravings,

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