Thursday, May 10, 2012

Disney Dreaming

I have a confession.

I am a Disney addict.

Most people who know me understand this. They accept it. They realize at times I am nothing more than an overgrown child, and yet they still love me.

So it stands to reason that one of my most favorite places to photograph is Walt Disney World. It is, after all, one of my favorite places (if not the most favorite) to go.

I've been to "The World" (as we addicts call it) almost a dozen times. It's nowhere near record status, and still not enough. I'm always itching to go back and explore my favorite spaces and discover new ones. I have a goal of making it to WDW for a photography-specific trip where all I do is wander around and take pictures of everything from Cinderella Castle to the dog holding the key inside Pirates.

I sure as anything try my best when I'm on vacation there, but it becomes difficult to spend a lot of time photographing when you are vacationing with others and want to spend most of your time enjoying and soaking in the moments. I think most photographers have that issue on vacations.

Be that as it may, I think I've gotten my fair share of pictures during my Disney vacations. I've picked a night or two each trip to schlep my tripod around to get night shots, but with a tired husband/family/friends with me, the time I have for shooting is limited. (Usually I'm all about early bedtimes, but when I'm in Disney I can go, go, go. The day I ran the princess half marathon, we were up at 3am. 13.1 miles, a shower, and an hour or two of watching tv later, I was at the Magic Kingdom and full of energy, even still by 11pm. I didn't want to leave, but for the sake of the rest of my group, and not wanting them to beat me up, I called it a night!).

So anyway, here are a few shots from my various recent trips to Walt Disney World. I edit them rather slowly, as in, I don't necessarily edit the entire trip as soon as I get back anymore. That way I can pick at them from time to time and have a fun memory of my trip waiting for me. Check out my flickr for some more Disney goodness.

Thanks, and see ya real soon!

The Mexico pavilion in EPCOT's World Showcase. ole
paddle paddle
Escargot from EPCOT's Food & Wine Festival (probably my favorite time of year to go to Disney) escar-got in my mouth
One of my favorites. An empty view of Future World in EPCOT, as seen from the monorail the scenic route
The Main Street Electrical Parade is back in the Magic Kingdom! So glad to see it again. where's my dragon?
One of my personal favorites (and a highly underrated attraction), The Carousel of Progress. Whew, boy!  Hottest Fourth of July we've had in years.
That moment when you're juuuuust about to tip down Splash Mountain. time to be turnin' around
Another reason why I love visiting in the fall: Halloween decorations! boo-tiful
Nice digs, Cindy.
The Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios Untitled
The Animal Kingdom equivalent to the Splash Mountain picture - that moment at the top of Expedition Everest when the tracks are changing and you're about to fall backwards... beware of the yeti
Hallowishes Redux

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