Tuesday, December 13, 2011

star trail win; meteor shower fail

A cool looking star trail photograph, indeed.  But there's not a single visible meteor streak from the Geminids in all of the hour and a half's worth of images I used for this.

I saw one with my eye while I was setting up, and even captured it in a test shot, but just barely.

Can't see it?  Yeah, it's hardly visible.  Here, have another look.

Because I never had a good way of taking such time lapse images (and also lived relatively close to Boston for four years), I've still not nailed down the best method for capturing shooting stars.  I bumped my ISO up tonight, but only to 800.  I know.  I had the aperture as wide as it could go (4.0 on my wide angle camera), and the shutter was open for 30 seconds.  The culprit definitely had to be the ISO.  Unfortunately, clouds moved in and now I don't have a good view of the heavens.  Looks like I'll have to hold out for the Perseids in August.

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