Wednesday, December 7, 2011

picture the holidays: day 07/ express yourself

Christmas dreaming.

Today, take a few moments to be still. Breathe in and out and just allow yourself to be and to feel.
I felt creative, pretty (c'mon, I actually did my hair and put makeup on), and relaxed today.  I had a day off with no real work to do (the house is clean!), so I put on a dress and played around taking self portraits (I really hope Santa brings me a remote shutter release for Christmas).

And later, while I was making dinner, I found a literal way to express myself:

In other news, self portraits are my Everest.  I used the end of a Swiffer to set the focus in some of my shots.  For the last one, I set the focus on the tree, switched to manual and brought it in a teeny bit from there.


  1. I really like these self portraits. You did a really beautiful job. I especially love the capture of decorating the tree. Good job getting in front of the camera! Self portraits can be hard! I understand the desire for a remote - that was my list last Christmas. I hope your Christmas wish list comes true! :-)

  2. What lovely selfies! They are hard to accomplish!! You did great, love these :)