Thursday, May 21, 2009

First Post - Irish Cupcakes!

Back on St. Patrick's Day, I came across the most amazing recipe for cupcakes over at Smitten Kitchen. That afternoon I whipped up a batch and they came out looking as delectable as they tasted. I ended up with some of the most drool-worthy food photos I've taken thus far:

Because of time restraints, I had to forego the 'from scratch' recipe and use cake mix. I chose reduced sugar Pillsbury boxed cake mix. The recipe calls for Guinness instead of water - part 1 of 3 in 'Why are these cupcakes Irish?'. The chocolate filling inside is made with Jameson Irish whiskey - that's part 2.
Again, I had to make a substitution by using store-bought icing. I went with buttercream frosting and mixed in part 3, Bailey's Irish Cream (okay, I might have used a bit more than the recipe called for...). The frosting was my favorite part!
I jazzed them up with green sugar sprinkles. Note the Irish additions in the background.

I seriously recommend this recipe any time of year, not just St. Patrick's Day.

Oh and perhaps I should note (this being the first entry and everything) that this is my photo blog which I will use to update with some of my favorite photos and my newest sets. I will also post about updates to my Etsy shop which can be found at http://aliciabruce.etsy.com.


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